What is a concierge?


Personal Concierge is comparable to a personal assistant for a residential client. Concierges perform errands and tasks on your behalf, [...]

What is a concierge?2018-04-01T10:55:22-05:00

How can a concierge service help me?


We can help you accomplish everyday tasks and reclaim your time. See the services section. If you do not see the [...]

How can a concierge service help me?2018-03-30T10:55:46-05:00

Can I request anything?


Yes, as long as it is legal and ethical. Wausau Area Concierge will fulfill your requests or will find a [...]

Can I request anything?2018-03-30T10:56:12-05:00

Is your company insured?


Wausau Area Concierge, LLC is fully bonded and insured. All services are private and confidential.

Is your company insured?2018-03-30T10:56:31-05:00

How much do you charge?


The cost of our services are highly customized based on the needs of our clients. Please contact us for more [...]

How much do you charge?2018-03-30T10:56:39-05:00
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