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If you’re looking for someone to help around the house, take the dog for a walk, or stop at the grocery store these are the most frequently asked questions about obtaining services at Wausau Area Concierge:

What is a concierge?2018-04-01T10:55:22-05:00

Personal Concierge is comparable to a personal assistant for a residential client. Concierges perform errands and tasks on your behalf, giving you more time to spend doing the things you love most.

How can a concierge service help me?2018-03-30T10:55:46-05:00

We can help you accomplish everyday tasks and reclaim your time. See the services section. If you do not see the services that you want, contact us for further assistance.

Can I request anything?2018-03-30T10:56:12-05:00

Yes, as long as it is legal and ethical. Wausau Area Concierge will fulfill your requests or will find a resource that can fulfill your request.

Is your company insured?2018-03-30T10:56:31-05:00

Wausau Area Concierge, LLC is fully bonded and insured. All services are private and confidential.

How much do you charge?2018-03-30T10:56:39-05:00

The cost of our services are highly customized based on the needs of our clients. Please contact us for more detail.

Are materials, expenses, any goods charged to a third party vendor and taxes included in your hourly rate? Do you charge mileage?2018-04-18T10:15:29-05:00

No, they are the responsibility of the client. Mileage over 15 miles of travel outside the Wausau Area will be negotiated depending on service being provided.

What method of payment do you accept?2018-03-30T11:08:44-05:00

We accept PayPal, Cash, Check, Venmo, and Cashier’s Check. Returned checks will incur a service charge of $35.

Are your services pre-paid?2018-03-30T11:08:49-05:00

Yes they are.

Is there a minimum number of hours for services?2018-03-30T11:08:53-05:00

Yes, 1 hour minimum.

Will I know upfront how much I will be charged?2018-03-30T11:08:59-05:00

Yes. We provide an estimate number of hours. Also, if the task will exceed the estimated hours we will contact you prior to completing the task for your approval. Services are prepaid at the time of appointment.

What if I need after hours or weekend services?2018-03-30T11:09:04-05:00

After hours and weekend services are available at an additional charge.

How much notice do I have to give for services?2018-04-18T10:17:44-05:00

To schedule services,  we ask for at least 24 hours notice. However, we can possibly provide services with less than 24 hours notice. Contact us to find out.

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