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Wausau Area Concierge

Wausau Area Concierge, LLC is a Personal Assistant and Lifestyle Management business focused on personalized service. With today’s busy lifestyles, families are more stressed than ever. Between trying to keep up with our personal and professional demands, the kids’ hectic schedules, caretaking for extended family and regular upkeep on a home, we can be left with little precious time.  Wausau Area Concierge, LLC will assist you with the demands of everyday living in an honest, efficient, and friendly manner to give you back the gift of time.

Wausau Area Concierge, LLC

Wausau Area Concierge, LLC is a small business owned and operated by Stacey Hoops. The sometimes mundane, but necessary tasks of running errands and organizing suit her well and working with others to manage, organize, and complete projects is her passion. We are dedicated to client satisfaction and will work with each client in a respectful and courteous manner. We look forward to assisting you with the details of life to bring a better balance to yours.

How We Help

Wausau Area Concierge, LLC is dedicated to giving you back the gift of time by making your life more manageable and balanced. We strive to attentively serve our clients with honesty, integrity, efficiency, and dependability so you can spend time with those that matter most.

elderly personal services

A wide range of individualized Non-Medical services that not only make life easier but also more enjoyable. In an era where quality time is at a premium, many families prefer to spend time together enjoying one another as opposed to sorting through paperwork and other mundane tasks.

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