It’s Time To Get My Clean On!

As I sit here on the porch, taking in the warm breeze and sunshine….just kidding. It’s April in Wisconsin and it just snowed 18”. Seriously.  It’s that kind of weather that takes every effort on my part to not crawl back in bed every morning with my coffee and a bagel and binge watch Netflix until the temperature is at least 65 degrees.   Now I know Spring is coming. We have a had a few nice days,  I see the robins in the front yard and the struggle of 3 kids having baseball practice 7 times a week has already started.  But right now, I need a little pick me up to feel that spring fever.  So, in order to get rid of these winter blues, I have started my favorite activity in the whole  wide world. And it’s like the skies have parted, the sun is shining and the winter jackets have disappeared.   SPRING CLEANING time is here!

Spring cleaning is no joke in my house.  I prepare for it like we are going to war with the dust bunnies.  I like to divide it into three stages:

  1. Plan
  2. Prep
  3. Execute

Planning is probably my favorite. I start by grabbing a notepad and I take a seat in the middle of the room. I give it a nice long look.  I think about where those dust mites and allergens are hiding and start planning my attack.  I try not to overlook anything and write everything I think of down.  Here are just a few of the tasks in each room that I add to the itinerary:

Living Room – Vacuum the curtains, deep clean the furniture and any carpets.  Vacuum under furniture.

Dining Room – Empty and clean out buffet. Clean and polish the dining table and chairs.

Bathrooms – Deep clean grout. Clean walls behind and next to toilets.  Clean and organize all drawers and closets.  Check all medicine for expiration dates and dispose of properly.

Bedrooms – Clean and flip mattresses. Disinfect toys and donate any that are unused.  Go through clothes and make piles to keep, donate or sell.  Organize closet and dressers.

Kitchen – Deep clean refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher.    Polish granite, clean out garbage bins and organize pantry.  Empty all drawers, clean and disinfect.

All Rooms – Clean baseboards, touch up paint, clean registers, wash windows, disinfect light switch plates and walls, deep clean any carpets, wash all windows and doors.

Prep is next.  Shopping for cleaning supplies is like Christmas shopping for me.  There are so many products out there and to be honest I am not above trying any of them.  I do have my favorites though. I love Honest Company Multi-Surface Cleaner, Murphy’s Oil Wipes, Magic Erasers, Swiffer Dusters and Goo Gone.  These are staples in my cleaning closet.  Yes, I have a cleaning closet, and yes, it will get cleaned also.

Execute.  This is it.  The moment I look forward to all winter. First things first, I que up my cleaning playlist and pick one lucky room to start in.  I stay in this room until it’s finished.  I don’t rush, stay focused and always take a couple minutes to savor the accomplishment when I’m done.

I realize that spring cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Just ask the rest of my family and they will attest to that.  That is why Wausau Area Concierge, LLC will be happy (more than happy!) to help you with yours. We can schedule a FREE personal consultation to talk about your spring cleaning needs and what we can do to make your house ready for summer and give you the gift of time to enjoy it!